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Shanghai Thenow Purification Technology Co.,Ltd. Thenow was established in 2005, belonging to Thenow Group(Former name Apureda Group) as the wholly-owned subsidiary. Being a standard maker, Thenow Group is a global specialist in the development and production of filtering systems and solutions with 6 production units. As one of Thenow Group’s production units, Thenow Purification’s business is to provide customers with sustainable best in class air filtration products and services. We mainly focus on manufacturing air filters for industrial dedusting, gas turbine air inlet systems and HVAC systems.

Panel Filters

Our business concept is to optimize our product quality and service to be in line with customers` needs. Compared with standard filters, Thenow’s products can reduce the operating costs of filtration systems, by keeping their pressure drop low over a longer time. Our filters can catch more contaminants and operate at lower average resistance because of better designed filter media and larger filter media surface. Thenow’s products are widely used in various fields such as metal processing, chemical industry, painting houses,  cement industry,electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, shipping, gas turbine, and all kinds of HVAC systems.

Our original Facoty(Dust collector filter cartridge and compressor filters manufacture base)

Jinshan Industrial Park (Headquarters)

Events of Thenow Group

  • 2020  Thenow Health adds 7 more utility model patents in Oct., namely:
Automatic filter material insert assembly machine. Patent No.ZL201921997140.5;
A new type of high-efficiency low-pressure drop oil-gas separation filter element. Patent No.ZL201921983756.7;
Fixed-length unwinding machine for plastic coils. Patent No.ZL201921983757.1;
An air filtering system capable of replacing filter elements without stopping the machine. Patent No. ZL201921957736.2。
A slowly decompressing automatic discharge valve. Patent number 201921788572.5;
A heat exchanger for high-pressure refrigerated compressed air dryer. Patent number 201921644357.8;
A combined air outlet valve for heat-free regeneration adsorption dryer.Patent number 201921644316.9.

  • 2019  A built-in hydraulic filter obtained patent right in Feb. Patent number 201820839228.3
Obtained a patent for an air filter in Apr. Patent no.201821001666.9.
Obtained patent right for a kind of oil-gas separation filter element in Apr. Patent number 201820825306.4.
Obtained a patent for an end cover of an air filter in May. Patent no.201821239296.2.
Obtained a patent for an air filter in June. Patent No.201821002265.5.

  • 2018 Thenow Purification participated in AHR 2018 in Chicago USA.(with HVAC air filters and HRV/ERV)

DOW makes an on-the-spot investigation to our Industrial park in Jinshan District.

  • 2017 Thenow Purification participated Autumn Canton Fair in Guangzhou.(with air purifier)

Thenow Group granted as High Tech enterprise.

Thenow Group Began Training of 5S

3C certification passed

Dust collector invented by ourselves got the invent patent

Thenow certified as high-integrity enterprise(with AA)

  • 2016 Thenow Technology 10 years anniversary.

Shanghai Thenow Technology Company renamed as Shanghai Thenow Purification Technology.(Focus on Industrial purification and residential purification)

Jinshan Industrial Park completely finished and put into use.

“Air Compressor National Standard”(Chaolv factory participated in drafting) was implemented officially.

Thenow Super air system was published.

  • 2015 Thenow participated in Achema 2015 in Frankfurt Germany(with dust collector filter cartridges and HVAC air filters)

Thenow Air Purification Business Opened.

Apureda group renamed into Shanghai Thenow Health Technology Incorparated Company and go on public.

  • 2014 Thenow participated in Powtech 2014 in Nurnberg, Germany(with dust collector filter cartridges)

Apureda group was granted as” Jiading district patent work demonstration enterprises”

And “Jiading district labor relations harmonious model enterprises”

  • 2013  Thenow Technology become Sole agent in China for DOW Lubricant

Thenow Technology begin to develop and produce dust collector system.

Thenow Technology begin the business overseas on dust collector filter cartridges and HVAC air filters.

Apureda Group Jinshan Industrial Park first-stage project finished.

  • 2012  Apureda Engineering Company renamed as Shanghai Thenow Technology Company

Our air filter, air oil separator and oil filter granted as Shanghai Famous Product.

Apureda logo as Shanghai Famous brand.

  • 2011 Become the vice chairman enterprise of China general machinery industry association air purification branch

Become Shanghai indoor air purification profession association member unit.

Gain honour title as "National high-tech enterprise"

Gain honour title as "Shanghai brand products"

Introduce the ERP system into the enterprise informationalized construction for future development.

"First Apureda domestic logistics center meeting" was held in Thailand

  • 2010 Environmental protection new type air filter gains utility model patent in China.

Compressor air dryer (air cooling refrigerated type) gains design patent in China

Gained the food grade certification of Lubrication by National Sanitation Foundation(NSF)

Awarded honour title as "Technical giant enterprises" by government of Jiading district, Shanghai, China.

Set up "APD quality laurel prize" at Yongzhong middle school in Longwan district

  • 2009 Awarded honour title as "Technical giant enterprises" by government of Jiading district, Shanghai, China. Participate in the drafting of professional standard.

  • 2008 Exclusive drafting professional standard of air oil separator was authorized by National Development and Reform Committee (NDRC)

Awarded as "gaint enterprises contribution award"

Research & development building finished.

Modern lubricants production base was put into operation

Form strategic alliances with National Aerospace department

  • 2007 CE passed

Recommended as "brand enterprise"、" brand products" by Chinese Shanghai government

Gained honour title as "technical giant and technology centre of enterprises "awarded by government of Jiading district, Shanghai, China.

Pass certification by nuclear plant base of China Qinshan nuclear plant

  • 2006 Certified to be China High tech enterprise

Our air oil separator granted to be utility model patent.

  • 2005 First enterprise that inputs accident risk insurance system from Ping An Insurance(Group) Company of China---provide customers safety insurance against accident valuing 300,000 RMB.

Comply with Q/TDMP02-2004 standard by mechanical and electronic product quality inspection centre of Shanghai China

  • 2004 Certified by ISO9001:2000

Become one supplier of China State Grid

Become one supplier of China National Petroleum Corp

  • 2001 Chaolv Factory was established. (The first Thenow Health company, brand - Apureda)

Focus on air compressor filters and dust collector filters.

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