High Efficiency Panel Filters
High Efficiency Panel Filters
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1. HEPA Panel filter;
2. Frame: Galvanised or aluminum;
3. Class: H13;
4. Media: Fiberglass or PP.

High efficiency panel filters are mainly used to filtrate the suspended particles in the air
with the diameter of 0.3um and below and  used for the termimal filtration of all kinds
of filtration system.

HEPA filters are extensively used in the terminal filtration of the civil or industrial cleansing places in the industries such as electron, semiconductor, precision mechanism, pharmacy, hosipital and food, etc., which require relatively high cleanliness factors. It is suitable to filtrate for clean room and clean factory workshop with dust particle diameter less than 0.3-0.5um.
External frame Aluminum Alloy/GI/Stainless Steel
Sealant Polyurethane
Separator Clapboard or aluminum foil
Filter media Fiberglass/HV fiberglass/PP
Maximum Operating Temperature 80ºC
Maximum Operating Humidity 100%
Efficiency >99.9%

Stock Available as follows:
Model Outside Dimensions(mm) Rated air flow (m/h) Initial Resistance(Pa) Efficiency
TN-BS320 320*320*220 400 <120Pa(PP) F9-H14
TN-BS350 350*350*220 500 <220Pa(Fiberglass) (95%-99.995%)
TN-BS484 484*484*220 1000
TN-BS610 610*610*150 1000
TN-BS630 630*630*220 1500
TN-BS726 726*484*220 1500
TN-BS915 915*610*150 1500
TN-BS968 968*484*220 2000
TN-BS1220 1220*610*150 2000
TN-BS1220 1220*630*220 3000
TN-BS-484 484*484*220 1000
TN-BS-295 295*295*292 1600
TN-BS-595 595*595*292 3200
TN-BS-610 610*610*292 3400
TN-BS-610 610*610*150 1000
TN-BS-1220 1220*610*150 2000
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