Our new product launching - Thenow Super Air System
On 10th August 2016, our new product Thenow Super Air System goes on public formally. It brings the industry a new breeze. It can not only purify your indoor air but also bring replace indoor polluted air with fresh outdoor air. We call it O₂plus & pure ESP system. Certainly O₂plus makes much healthier than present common air purifiers.
air purifier
The rule of item 62 of American Ashare: Fully replacing outdoor fresh air with indoor air purifier is forbidden.

It`s reasonable certainly. There are many bacteria, ozone and CO2 indoor. However, Thenow Super Air system can kill the bacteria and keep the ozone zero addition. At the same time it can exchange indoor polluted air with outdoor fresh air(after filtering in advance).

Thenow Super Air Systems makes your little space much more green than ever since.

There are two patents in it. We are fully confident with its super performance after testing. Hope it can bring health to more and more people.

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