HVAC air filters price increase notice

Dear Valued customers,


Based on integrity and reality, here we issue this price increase notice.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, face masks are in unforeseeable needs which never happened before and probably

won`t happen in the future.


Well, you may not hear meltblown media before. But it is essential raw material for face masks. The material price

increased from 18000RMB/ton to 500000RMB/ton. Yes, it is a good business chance for sure! However, it is

overpowering impact on our filter industry, especially HVAC air filters.


Meltblown layer is the function material for pocket filters. F6, F7, F8 and F9 pocket filters differ between just

the meltblown materials. The price increase will be 20%-40%.


Except for meltblown material, PP fiber price increased 3 times and just no supply on the market. The reason is

that it is produced from the same raw material with meltblown material. Hence, many minipleat secondary filters

and V bank filters will have to be made by glassfiber instead. And price will be increased by 20% at least.


For the synthetic fiber to make disposable prefilters, the price increased 20% and filter price increase will be 5-10%.


About the Glassfiber media for hepa filters, price also went up by 8% due to bigger market need. The filter price

increase will be 2%-5%.


All the above price increase will be valid for 60 days.  However once situation gets better, we will keep you

posted in the first time. We feel very sorry but helpless to the present situation. Hope we can invented some

effective medicine or the vaccine. Hope we can win this battle against this virus monster in the next second!



Yours Sincerely

Thenow Foreign Department


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