R&D of Thenow Filters
Thenow(belongs to APD) is a manufacturer with a huge interest and stake in technology. We have always made substantial investments in R&D for about 3-5% of annual turnover in order to meet the high demands of our customers because it is a very important factor for the future of Thenow and the filtration industry.

Using advanced research and test equipment, some of which are unique and feature proprietary designs, we can conduct R&D to meet the growing need for air filtration solutions that safeguard health, satisfy stricter energy efficiency and sustainability standards, and meet emerging needs for high-tech filtration. We can also steadily maintain, improve and advance our product and drive the development of new innovative filters and solutions.

Thenow has a wide range of test equipment for On-Site measurements including particle counters, pressure gauges, airflow meters and gas analysis equipment. We operate air filter testing laboratories in our R&D facilities to develop technology for improved air quality for people, processes, and the environment.

Filter media test machine:

  • Air filter test machine-computer control
  • R&D department
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