Special V bank filter for Gas turbine air inlet systems

Special V bank filter for Gas turbine air inlet systems

Hereby we'd like to introduce one special V-bank filter for Gas turbine air inlet systems.

(Specially to replace filter models from EMW and Camfil as well)

In order to replace EMW V-bank filters with most appropriate types, we made special endeavor

on technology and workmanship from the following 2 points:

1. Protective grid: It is patented non-metal part in ABS Plastic which is specially designed for

Gas turbine systems. ---Anti-corrosion + Sturdy structure

2. Unique continuous foam-in-place gasket: When the filter thickness is above 300mm,

especially on the flange, the workmanship was a big challenge. Our technician made

great effort for this and we have special foaming machine as EMW.

So that's the reason that we are confident in our filters and new project in Gas Turbine system.

Welcome to send us inquiry on that.

Here is our experience on container loading for your reference:

For one 40ft HQ container, it can be filled into 532pcs of V-bank filter (dimensions of 592*592*296),

or 418pcs of V-bank-filter(dimensions of 592*592*400).

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