Tips for fighting COVID-19
When the epidemic gets serious, just follow the tips:
1. Stay at home. Only go out when very necessary. Certainly you can wonder around in your garden. 
2. Eat well, drink more water and sleep well and keep good mood.
3. Wash your hands frequently.
4. Avoid visiting others and others to visit you.
5. When you go out, do wear the face masks carefully and do sterilization if necessary.
Then you will be safe.

The Noval coronavirus spread via droplets in the air. It come into body through month, nose and eyes.
So you have to keep away from someone who is suspected. And once there are positive cases in your city,
you donot know who is suspected. Cause the silience time is 14 days.
During this time, there are also infectivity. But not so high as someone who is symptomatic.
That`s why we need to stay at home.
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