Deep Pleat Box Filter (Medium Efficiency)
Deep Pleat Box Filter (Medium Efficiency)
Technical Data
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Frame Filter Media Seperator Sealant Gasket Safe guard
Aluminum/Galvanised steel/Stainless steel Fine fiber glass Aluminum/Paper Polyurethane EVA/EPDM Color coated steel grid

Product Features:
-Large filter area and high dust holding capacity
-Sturdy and moisture resistant construction, long life
-Single header, double header and no headers models at options

-Industrial processes (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, optics, electronics,surface treatment technology, etc.)
-Sophisticated air-conditioning technology(laboratories, museums, airports, office buildings, etc.)
-Rotating machinery industry, such as centrifugal compressors, gas turbines and engines
General technical data:
-F6~F9 EN779; MERV11~15 ASHRAE
-Final pressure drop: 2~3 times initial pressure drop
-DIN 53438 Flammability: F1
-UL 900 Standard: Class 2
-Thermal Stability:80celcius(High temperature resistant types available)
-Humidity: 100% RH

Sample data:
Type W*H*D(mm) Filter Class Filter Area(m2) Airflow(CMH) Intial Pressure Drop(Pa)
Box 305*610*150 F6 3.8 650 15
610*610*150 F6 7.8 1300 15
610*610*292 F6 13.7 2000 75
610*610*150 F7 7.8 1300 50
610*610*292 F7 13.7 2000 90
610*610*292 F8 13.7 2000 105
Single Header 592*592*150 F6 6.5 1300 25
592*592*150 F7 6.5 1300 60
592*592*292 F9 12.6 1800 80
287*592*292 F8 6.2 1000 115

It can be single header, double header or without headers.

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