Pleated Air Filter Cartridges
Pleated Air Filter Cartridges
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1. Pleated air filter cartridges are widely used in dust collectors in various operating environments, from shot blasting to wood dust filtration. Thanks to plenty of filter media selection and many  finishing treatment techniques, we can always provide you a proper filter element to clean your air perfectly.
2. Features: Problem-free installation, careful construction, low pressure drop and competitive price.

Item Material(Standard) Material(Alternative)
Filter Media Cellulose/Synthetic fiber/ All kinds of H&V air filtration`s filter
Nanofiber/Polyester fiber media selection
Top cap/ Galvanized steel Stainless steel,Color-coated steel,
Bottom cap recyclable plastic ABS
Gasket EPDM Urethane/Silicone
Inner Mesh Galvanized steel Stainless Steel,Color-coated steel,
Recyclable PP
Outer Straps/Outer Optional Galvanized steel,Stainless Steel,
Mesh Glued or ultasonic straps
Finishing Treatment Teflon-coating,waterproofing,oilproofing,flame-retarding
treatment, antistatic coating,etc

Company advantages:
1. The biggest manufacturer of filters in China;
2. H&V`s biggest customer in China;
3. Our vast experiences and the state-of-the-art laboratory enable us to provide customization;
4. Welcome you to our factory and you will be convinced by our advanced workmanship and big scale.

Industrial air filtraton of dut and fumes in many industries: Metallurgy, Cement, Woodworking, Chemicals Powder coating, Plasma/laser cutting, Sandblasting, Textiles, Welding and Casting, Food&Beverage, Aerospace.

We warmly welcome:
-- Famous brand to do OEM;
-- End users or agents to find replacements here;
-- Dust collector manufacturers to do customization.
Model Filter area(m2) Length(M) Temperature(℃) Media Weight(g/m2) Air permeability Media type
TN-P1 2.3 1 135 270 7m3/m2/min@12mm WC Spun bond polyester
TN-P2 4.6 2 135 270 7m3/m2/min@12mm WC Spun bond polyester
TN-D1 2.3 1 135 270 7m3/m2/min@12mm WC Antistatic spun bond polyester
TN-D2 4.6 2 135 270 7m3/m2/min@12mm WC Antistatic spun bond polyester
TN-F1 2.3 1 135 270 7m3/m2/min@12mm WC Spun bond polyester+PTFE
TN-F2 4.6 2 135 270 7m3/m2/min@12mm WC Spun bond polyester+PTFE

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