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Panel pre-filters are  widely used for primary filtration.
1. Superior dust-loading capacity;
2. Low pressure drop for low cost;
3. Large air flow

Item Material(Standard) Material(Alternative)
Filter Media Synthetic fiber/Glassfiber/Cotton/Non-woven fabrics
Frame Cardboard Aluminum/Galvanized
Protect Mesh Aluminum net Stainless Steel net
Filtration Efficiency G2,G3,G4
Average Arrestance 85%-96%@5micron
Initial Resistance 30-50Pa
Final Resistance 200-250Pa
Temperature Limit 100℃
Color Blue or white

Pleated Pre-Fitlers widely applied in gas turbine air inlet housing, air conditioning and ventilating system as a prefilter before medium filters and HEPA filters.
Model Overall dimensions Rated Air flow Initial Efficiency Material
(mm) (m3/h) Resistance
TNBS295295 295*295*22/46 800 35 40% G3/G4 Synthetic Fiber
TNBS495295 495*295*22/46 1300 Arrestance
TNBS495495 495*495*22/46 2200
TNBS595295 595*295*22/46 1600
TNBS595495 595*495*22/46 2700
TNBS595595 595*595*22/46 3200

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