Pulse Clean Panel Filter
Pulse Clean Panel Filter
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1. Feature: Low pressure drop,superior dust-loading capacity,High service intervals,Optimized flow conditions, Filtration efficiency range from M6 to H13(EN779:2012/EN1822) or from MERV8 to MERV15 (ASHRAE);
2. Suitable for all kinds of operating environments: There are plenty of filter media options at hand, thus we can provide filter cartridges for various industries and dust types even abrasive, toxic and explosive dust.

Item Material(Standard) Material(Alternative)
Filter Media Cellulose/Synthetic fiber/
Nanofiber/Polyester fiber media selection
Top cap Galvanized steel
Gasket EPDM
Inner Mesh Galvanized steel
Outer Mesh Galvanized steel with
hotmelt glue
Closed bottom cap Galvanized steel with 2*12mm. holes
Chassis Galvanized steel
Outside Hotmelt Optional
Finishing Treatment Teflon-coating,waterproofing,oilproofing,flame-retarding
treatment, antistatic coating,etc

-Advanced media with ePTFE membrane
-Longer filter life and better pulse cleaning due to surface loading technology
-Exceptional dust cake release
-Lower energy use, reduced constant pressure drop
-High particulate capture rate
-Optimized filter performance

Thenow pulse clean panel filter is suitable for gas turbine air inlet housing in all operating environments throughout the world.

Also, we warmly welcome:
-- Famous brand to do OEM;
-- End users or agents to find replacements here;
-- Dust collector manufacturers to do customization.

Model Length Width Height Filtration Area
(mm) (mm) (mm) (m^2)
TNBS570701075 570 70 1075 4.48
TNBS685981090 685 98 1090 6.2
TNBS51650595 516 50 595 2
TNBS500961000 500 96 1000 4
TNBS480651500 480 65 1500 4.99
TNBS46085930 460 85 930 2.74
TNBS51550800 515 50 800 1.8
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