High Temperature Air Filter Cartridge
High Temperature Air Filter Cartridge
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This air filter cartridge is made specially for high temperature operating environments.
We have two kinds of aramid available. One is the classical Nomex from America. The other one is also imported from abroad but cheaper.

The technical data are as follows:
Type: Aramid/340
Basic Material Aramid short fiber needle felt Long-term use temperature ≤200℃
Weight 340g/m2 Instantaneous using temperature ≤200℃
Thickness 1.0mm Precision 5um
Air Permeability 200L/m2.s MERV MERV11/F6
Strength Warp 1100N/5cm Treatment Stiffening
Weft 1000N/5cm Remarks

1. Air permeability measured as P=200Pa.
2. Filtration Precision: Usually refers to the minimum grade of particle size that can be effectively blocked when the primary grime did not establish in the initial state. In actual use process, we can improve the filtration precision by lowering filter velocity and establishing stable primary grime etc.
3. MERV Grade: As the initial determination. ASHARE 52.2 in USA.EN779 in Europe.

High temperature operating environments.
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