Pocket Filters (Synthetic Fiber/ Glass Fiber)
Pocket Filters (Synthetic Fiber/ Glass Fiber)
Technical Data
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Detailed informations(Products):
1. High airflow volume;
2. Large surface area;
3. High dust-holding capacity;
4. Sturdy construction, Compact size;
6. Washable,cost-effective.

Filter Media Synthetic fiber(Glass fiber,nanofiber and polyester also can be choosen)
Outer Frame Aluminum/galvanized steel or plastic.
Header 20mm,25mm
Efficiency ASHRAE 45%,65%,85%,95%
EN779: F5,F6,F7,F8
Temperature limit 70℃
Humidity limit 90%RH

Comprehensive advantages(Company):
1. The biggest manufacturer of filters in China;
2. H&V`s biggest customer in China;
3. Our vast experience and a state-of-the-art laboratory enable us to provide customization;
4. Welcome you to our factory and you will be convinced by our advanced workmanship and big scale.

Pocket filters are widely used in HVAC applications to remove dust from ambient air. Usually they are used as final filters in commercial applications or as prefilters for HEPA filters in the parmacentical and other high demand industries.

Also, we warmly welcome:
-- Famous brand to do OEM;
-- End users or agents to find replacements here;
-- Dust collector manufacturers to do customization.
Model W*H*D Pockets Area Efficiency Airlow Initial Airlow Initial
(mm) No (m2) (m3/h) Pressure (m3/h) Pressure
(Pa) (Pa)
TNPFS592592 592*592*600 8 6.4 F5 2540 30 3800 45
600 F6 40 60
F7 75 110
F8 85 130
TNPFS592490 592*490*600 5 4.13 F5 2100 35 3140 50
600 F6 50 75
F7 80 120
F8 90 135
TNPFS592287 592*287*560 3 2.3 F5 1240 40 1860 55
560 F6 55 80
F7 85 130
F8 95 145
Recommended final pressure: 450Pa

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