Twist Lock Filter Cartridge
Twist Lock Filter Cartridge
Technical Data
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Item Material(Standard) Material(Alternative)
Filter Media Cellulose/Synthetic fiber/ All kinds of H&V air filtration`s filter
Nanofiber/Polyester fiber media selection
Top cap/ Galvanized steel Stainless steel
Bottom cap
Gasket EPDM Silicone
Inner Mesh Galvanized steel Stainless Steel
Outer Mesh Galvanized steel Glued or ultrasonic welded straps
Finishing Treatment Teflon-coating,waterproofing,oilproofing,flame-retarding
treatment, antistatic coating,etc

1. Suitable for Gas Turbine air inlet housing in all kinds of operating environments: We will equip the most suitable filter media from various selection of high quality to clean your air perfectly;
2. Prime Technique: Careful construction, low pressure drop and competitive price.
3. Installation: The Twist Lock filter cartridge is Installed horizontally.

For the above product, following is its specifications:
Item Dimensions(OD*ID*L)mm Specification
Twist lock air filter cartridge 324*213*864 1.Filter Media:HV6279(cellulose/polyester)
2.Filter Area:27m^2
3.Gasket OD:12.38inch
4.End caps and mesh: Galvanised steel

Thenow cylindrical filter cartridge is suitable for gas turbine air intake system in all kinds of operating environments.

Model OD (mm) H (mm) ID(mm)
TN11273431 324 864 213
TN11031831 264 457 154
TN11033631 264 914 154
TN11032231 264 559 154
TN11272631 324 660 213
TN11272731 324 711 213

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