Square End Caps Filter Cartridge
Square End Caps Filter Cartridge
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Detailed information(Product):
Item Material(Standard) Material(Alternative)
Filter Media Cellulose/Polyester/Synthetic All kinds of H&V air filtration`s
fiber/Nanofiber filter media at option
Top cap Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel
Closed bottom Galvanized Steel
Gasket EPDM Silicone,Urethane
Inner Mesh Galvanized Steel Stainless steel
Outer Mesh Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel
Finishing Treatments Teflon-coating,waterproofing,oilproofing,flame-retarding
treatment, antistatic coating,etc

1. Wide application range: There are ample filter media selections of high quality  available,making it suitable for various industries and dust types, including abrasive, toxic and explosive dust.
2. Business model available: OEM for some famous brands; Replacement filters; Aftermarket filters.

Except for gas turbine air inlet systems, the square flange cartridges are also ideal for air filtration of dust and fume from cement, metal/aluminum, food & beverage, wood work, chemicals, powder coating, plasma/laser cutting, sand blasting, textiles,welding and casting.

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Following is a model for your reference:

Model OD (mm) H(mm) ID(mm) A(mm) B (mm)
TN11272616 324 660 213 359 406
TN11273416 324 864 213 359 406
TN11272216 324 559 213 359 406
TN11273211 324 813 213 359 406
TN11273411 324 864 213 359 406
TN11273615 324 914 213 359 406
TN11513912 384 991 269 425 533
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