High Temperature Resistant HEPA Filter
High Temperature Resistant HEPA Filter
Technical Data
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Product Features:
-High temperature resistant
-Large surface area, high dust holding capacity
-Sturdy and moisture resistant construction, long life
-Single header, double header and no headers models
-Each filter element is tested before market release

-High temperature paint spray line
-High clean food baking booth/ box/room
-Use with high temperature equipment to kill the germ or virus, such as pharmaceutical factory
-Ventilation systems with high fire resistant requirement and high temperature operating environment.
General technical data:
-H11/H13/H14 EN1822; DOP 99%, 99.99%, 99.999% @ 0.3 micron
-Final pressure drop: 600pa
-Thermal Stability: Up to 260℃

-Humidity: 100% RH

Each filter will be tested for efficiency and leakage before market release.
You can refer to our test vedio on youtube:

Sample data:
W*H*D(mm) Filter Class Filter Area(m2) Airflow(CMH) Intial Pressure Drop(Pa)
305*610*150 H13 3.2 500 230
H14 260
610*610*150 H13 6.4 1000 230
H14 260
915*610*150 H13 9.6 1500 230
H14 260
1220*610*150 H13 12.8 2000 250
H14 280
610*610*292 H13 13.66 2000 250
H14 280
915*610*150 H13 20.64 3000 250
H14 280
1220*610*150 H13 28 4000 250
H14 280
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