ULPA Filters
ULPA Filters
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Detailed informations(Products):
1. Light weight;
2. Low pressure drop;
3. Superior dust-holding capacity;
4. Long operating life;
5. Sturdy construction and easy installation;
6. Filtration Efficiency: DOP 99.997%,99.9997%@ 0.12um

Standard: EN1822, Class U15/U16

External frame Aluminum sheet,Galvanized/Stainless sheet
Sealant Polyurethane
Face net Aluminum mesh/Coated mesh
Filter Media Ultra fine glass fiber
Gasket EVA,EPDM,Neoprene
Maximum Operating temperature 70ºC
Maximum Operating Humidity 100%

ULPA(ultra-low penetration air/ultra low particulate air) filters can remove from the air at least 99.999% of dust,pollen,mold,bacteria and any airborne particles with a size of 120 nanometers(0.12μm) or larger.

So they are used for terminal filtration in environments and industries requiring high level of cleaniness.

Typical Industries:
- Pharmaceutical
- Electronics andsemiconductor manufacturing
- Hospitals
- Food Processing
Model W*H*D Area Efficiency Airflow Relative
(mm) (m^2) (m3/h) Initial Pressure
TNBSU30561050 305*610*50 3.88 U15 235/300/570 135/170/320
U16 235/300/570 150/190/350
TNBSU61061050 610*610*50 8.11 U15 465/600/1130 135/170/320
U16 465/600/1130 150/190/350
TNBSU117057070 1170*570*70 17.4 U15 840/1080/2040 115/145/290
U16 840/1080/2040 130/165/310
TNBSU122061070 1220*610*70 19.52 U15 935/1205/2270 115/145/350
U16 935/1205/2270 130/165/290
Recommended final pressure: 600Pa
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